Hi, I am Julie.

Based in the town of Halifax with its historical Piece Hall & Shibden and gorgeous scenery up on the moors .

With several years of various photography experience i have covered pretty much everything you could possibly need capturing. Studio, location or natural home shooting available.

I am proud to say my 16 year old son Jack is now following in my footsteps by taking photography as a subject at sixth form and he has been assisting me at weddings and events now over the past three years, he already has had great feedback and a pretty good portfolio to display.

Here's a little bit of random blurb about little old me....

( when i say little i mean it literally, 5ft 2 inch :P )

*I am a mum of 2 great kids, weird, but great.

*I love cheesecake way too much & dont use my gym membership enough to make up for it....

*Praised by clients for my 'patience of a saint' when their little one decides today is NOT the day for complying ;)

*unashamedly a complete crazy cat lady, i will stop and talk (& try to coax home ) to anything that meows my way!

*i enjoy new tattoos, spotify playlists, long baths and day-trips to the coast for hot doughnuts

*i love summer & autumn, cosy jumpers, my vans, 90 day fiance, horror and true crime on netflix, a good cuppa tea and filling my belly at our local Temujins Restaurant. Im not so into cold icy weather, reality tv, music with no vocals and spiders.

*my fave things to photograph are my cats & candid shots of my kids // professionally i love to do little ones cake smashes and splashes. Wedding wise i like getting some quiet time with the happy couple on their big day away from the crowds for some shots together.

They do say you never really know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory, its cheesy yes, but so true and exactly why i love taking photographs, memories can fade, people can change or are lost and a picture helps keep them with you, down the line when my 9 year old 'baby' girl is an adult with her own children to care for i will still have frames full of her cheeky little face on my wall and i love that :)



“Had a christmas photoshoot for my newborn daughter Edie, despite her being a little diva and crying quite a bit throughout; Julie got some amazing shots of her. I am really impressed with them and would definitely recommend her and be going back again when our little one gets a bit bigger. Thank you from the Day's xxx”

—Amy Day